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Successful patient care relies on building partnerships between health and social care teams. David Laszlo Partnership specialise in enabling these partnerships to work, by highlighting the cultural implications involved and creating strategies to address them.

David Laszlo Partnership

When teams are asked to work together, the different approaches, attitudes and visions of those involved can cause tension and conflict. By understanding these differences, David Laszlo Partnership can decipher the minimum amount of adjustment required to create energised and positive team cultures. This translates into improved practices.

About us /

  • Connecting Cultures

    David Laszlo Partnership was born when we recognised that a technical project – a database allowing care assessment information to be shared between providers – was in fact a cultural one. In this particular case, it became clear that there was a lack of trust between the healthcare professionals involved. And rather than sharing the information available on the new database, they continued to ask their own care assessment questions.

    We quickly realised how valuable this insight could be for other groups of healthcare professionals facing the need for change. At David Laszlo Partnership we understand the difficulties you face when a strategy requires teams of people to pull together that don’t normally communicate.

    Our method isn’t a secret, or based on a mystical business mantra. We work with those in the healthcare world to inspire successful change by encouraging everyone to speak the same language.

    We call this the: Creole Approach

  • David Laszlo Partnership
  • Creole Approach

    Our CREOLE Approach is based on the way two cultures build a common language. The development of such a language facilitates communication regardless of culture and knowledge. It is pivotal to society’s ability to evolve and adapt to change, and the same is true in business. It is this that underpins what we do.

    This unique approach encompasses our three levels of partnership working. At David Laszlo Partnership, we determine which level will deliver your strategy and achieve your goals.

    Partnership working levels:
    Level one:    GESTURE
    Level two:    PIDGIN
    Level three:  CREOLE

  • David Laszlo Partnership
  • Level one: Gesture

    In health and social care, the most basic form of collaboration is simultaneous care.

    Simultaneous care is like using gestures. You can carry out a basic exchange but you can’t explain complex situations or express opinions sensitively on contentious topics.

    This type of communication, like simultaneous care, can be risky and sometimes leads to serious misunderstandings, or even conflict.

    Read about level 2

  • David Laszlo Partnership
  • Level two: Pidgin

    A PIDGIN is a simple set of words that allow people to exchange information. It’s not a proper language, but as a form of communication it’s significantly more effective than GESTURE.

    Often, a PIDGIN is all you need to collaborate effectively.

    In health and social care, an agreed process works like a PIDGIN. Teams delivering different services can collaborate to meet patient needs and exchange accurate information.

    However, it’s near impossible to make strong alliances with a PIDGIN alone.

    Read about level 3

  • David Laszlo Partnership
  • Level three: Creole

    A CREOLE is a language formed when two or more cultures meet, mix, and build something new together. CREOLES can occur naturally or be consciously made when a PIDGIN isn’t enough.

    For example, successful integrated care is like a CREOLE – it sees the patient as more than a set of symptoms. True integrated care deals with the expected and unexpected and it requires full, considered and ongoing communication between providers of health and social care.

    The value of a CREOLE, like good integrated care, is to find a way to work together and cope with any situation, regardless of the different people involved and disparities between them. With a CREOLE you can say what needs to be said with clarity and conviction. It can be used as the basis for successful integrated care programmes, as well as to get buy-in from those involved.

    Our CREOLE Approach allows us to work with you to create a common language among individuals or teams. From this, you’ll be equipped to commission and deliver accessible, safe, unified services.

  • David Laszlo Partnership
  • Culture

    "Culture eats strategy for breakfast" – Peter Drucker

    Strategy is undoubtedly an essential part of business, but without the right culture in place, even organisations with the most robust strategies can encounter huge, sometimes insurmountable barriers to success.

    The truth is that, in the end, most people do what their culture tells them is right. But this doesn’t necessarily match what is required by senior management or a governing body. This consideration is fundamental in successful partnership working and when facing any kind or level of change. Before you put together a strategy, it’s essential to ask whether those involved and affected will cling to their existing culture, be open to adapting to a new one, or build something totally new together. The latter is our area of expertise.

    As part of our CREOLE approach, David Laszlo Partnership will start by helping you to bring together the disparate teams involved in the change and to articulate any perceived issues. We identify what attitudes can remain. We look at the language being used to describe the change. Above all we look at the cultural implications of change so we can help you to determine the culture you need to achieve the outcomes you want. Then we mediate to shift culture, so you can deliver the right outcomes for patients and service users.

  • David Laszlo Partnership
  • Organisation

    Partnerships and mergers often promise much and deliver little. People spend a lot of time trying to build clear organisational structures. But t he outcomes are often inefficiency, confusion, frustration and lack of change.

    There can be duplication of roles, turf wars, poor communication and conflicts of culture.

    We help our clients to spot weaknesses in their organisational structures before they become ingrained problems. Then we establish support processes that free each of your people to focus on the best way to be an integral part of the teams they work within.

  • David Laszlo Partnership
  • Strategy

    In the complex world of health and social care, partnership working is often the only way to deliver the best care for patients and value for the sector. But building a sustainable partnership strategy isn’t easy.

    Finding the right strategy is a challenge for any organisation. In a partnership, everyone will champion their own vision and ways of working.

    We help you to focus on the value of partnerships. Then we identify the minimum change required to release that value. The result is a strategy that reduces the cultural implications and costs of change.

  • David Laszlo Partnership
  • Process

    Finding the right solution often begins with a fresh look at the way things are done. We often unearth opportunities to make quick and simple improvements to outdated or inefficient processes simply by looking. It is always really satisfying when we help clients to spot small changes that yield worthwhile improvements.

    But quick fixes will only get you so far. Our CREOLE approach puts your processes into context and gives you the tools and confidence to deal effectively with any imposed or necessary change.

  • David Laszlo Partnership
  • Consensus

    The success of any partnership depends on consensus. Our clients know they can rely on us to build lasting harmony around complex problems. And we do this by emphasising the importance of listening before any advice is given or solutions shared. Our focus is on helping you and your teams to hear, and be heard.

    The CREOLE approach finds the common language that enables patients, providers, commissioners and politicians in charge of policy changes, to articulate their hopes, reservations and objectives in a way that inspires a unified attitude. If you’re facing change or a challenging situation, ask us how we can help.

  • David Laszlo Partnership
  • Communication

    Everyone knows that good communication is vital, in business and in all life. Consistent messages build culture and reinforce strategy, enabling your brand voice to be heard and your vision to be seen.

    The output of our work with you will help to build your reputation, and make it easy for decision-makers to grasp key issues and make grounded decisions.

    Our published guidance material already reaches a national audience. And in a system that we’ve found to be increasingly fragmented, we can help you find innovative ways to reach and engage with your audience.

  • David Laszlo Partnership
  • People

    We know how important partnership working is for our clients, because of our experience and because we use it ourselves.

    Here at David Laszlo Partnership, we're an agile team of highly-skilled enablers with diverse backgrounds and skillsets that are designed to complement yours.

    Meet the founding members of the Team.

  • David Laszlo Partnership
  • David laszlo

    David has devoted his career to helping people and organisations tackle obstacles that prevent growth. He’s passionate about partnership working in health and social care, and he has acquired unique expertise in the technical, strategic and cultural aspects of this approach. He has a unique blend of skills, spanning organisational development, top team, informatics and communications. He works comfortably at national and local level and with all stakeholders.

    Since graduating from Oxford University, David has worked as a consultant for the Department of Health and qualified in MSP and Prince2.

  • David Laszlo

We add value in any situation where people, teams and organisations are seeking to build partnerships with the aim of improving how services are delivered. This can be at a local or national level - our founding principles are the same for both and our advice and implementation can be scaled up or down as necessary.

You can see how we work and how we make an impact by viewing our case studies below:

David’s ability to understand, analyse and formulate organisational change strategy within a complex and changing environment is second to none. We engaged David to develop an options appraisal for our organisational thinking in ways we had previously not imagined.

His work created an environment in which our organisation could grow and develop in new and successful ways.

David’s intellectual analysis combine with his strategic planning delivers on all levels and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Andy Kinnear
Director of Informatics and Business Intelligence at South West Commissioning Support

As well as delivering the project brief as required, David helped us to test out our strategic thinking by challenging our underlying assumptions from concept to output, setting the tone for creative thinking rather than triggering defensiveness.

A follow up review meeting was also most helpful as a reality check on our progress.

David worked well with healthcare staff from different disciplines and environments, right across the clinical pathway.

Sue Lacey
Director of Corporate Affairs and Partnerships at NHS Milton Keynes CCG

On joining the consultancy team at CfH I was ‘buddied up’ with David on my first assignment. Being new to the NHS, I was lucky to be working alongside someone with such knowledge and consultancy experience within the system.

The time spent with David was invaluable to me settling into my new role. After leaving the team David kindly agreed to continue supporting my development within the NHS in a mentoring capacity.

I can’t speak highly enough of David as a consultant and a person. He’s a strategic thinker, highly intelligent as is able to breakdown complex problems into manageable solutions for his clients. David’s mentoring skills were exceptional, he has a very open, relaxed and reflective style.

Jim Monk
Programme Manager at Health & Social Care Information Centre

I wanted to take the time to write to you to thank you for your work on the Pathology Quality Assurance Review. Dr Barnes and I are very pleased with how the report has been received, both internally and across the wider NHS, and this is due in no small part to the communications and stakeholder engagement work that you undertook for the Review.

Your early involvement in the project was key and I was pleased that we were able to develop a clear strategy at the start of the process, which allowed us to communicate, engage and gather opinion in a meaningful way. This reflective, consultative approach positively informed the process and in turn created a welcoming environment for our recommendations.

Thanks again and I hope we have the opportunity of working together again in the future.

Daniel Gosling
Review Manager Pathology Quality Assurance Review. Medical Directorate

Andy Kinnear talks about the challenges of the paperless NHS, and the way we helped Connecting Care to over come some of them.

Andy Kinnear
Programme Director, Connecting Care and Chair, BCS Health

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  • We are constantly researching, developing and refining new approaches and applications for our methodology. Innovation happens when our clients and partners are open to reassessing their organisations and putting culture before strategy. Connect with the latest David Laszlo Partnership thinking by reading our blog and white papers.

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