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Successful population care relies on building partnerships between health and social care teams. David Laszlo specialises in enabling these partnerships to work, by highlighting the cultural implications involved and creating strategies to address them.

When teams are asked to work together, the different approaches, attitudes and visions of those involved can cause tension and conflict. By understanding these differences, David Laszlo can decipher the minimum amount of adjustment required to create energised and positive team cultures. This translates into improved practices.


"Culture eats strategy for breakfast" – Peter Drucker

Strategy is undoubtedly an essential part of business, but without the right culture in place, even organisations with the most robust strategies can encounter huge, sometimes insurmountable barriers to success.

The truth is that, in the end, most people do what their culture tells them is right. But this doesn’t necessarily match what is required by senior management or a governing body. This consideration is fundamental in successful partnership working and when facing any kind or level of change. Before you put together a strategy, it’s essential to ask whether those involved and affected will cling to their existing culture, be open to adapting to a new one, or build something totally new together. That's where I come in.


Partnerships and mergers often promise much and deliver little. People spend a lot of time trying to build clear organisational structures. But the outcomes are often inefficiency, confusion, frustration and lack of change.

There can be duplication of roles, turf wars, poor communication and conflicts of culture.

I help my clients to spot weaknesses in their organisational structures before they become ingrained problems. Then I establish support processes that free each of your people to focus on the best way to be an integral part of the teams they work within.


In the complex world of health and social care, partnership working is often the only way to deliver the best care for patients and value for the sector. But building a sustainable partnership strategy isn’t easy.

Finding the right strategy is a challenge for any organisation. In a partnership, everyone will champion their own vision and ways of working.

I help you to focus on the value of partnerships. Then we identify the minimum change required to release that value. The result is a strategy that reduces the cultural implications and costs of change.


Finding the right solution often begins with a fresh look at the way things are done. We often unearth opportunities to make quick and simple improvements to outdated or inefficient processes simply by looking. It is always really satisfying when we help clients to spot small changes that yield worthwhile improvements.

But quick fixes will only get you so far. My approach puts your processes into context and gives you the tools and confidence to deal effectively with any imposed or necessary change.

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